How to Hear God’s Voice

How to Hear God's Voice

Is God real? Does God actually speak to people?

Maybe you’re searching for answers. Or maybe you’re seeking guidance for an important decision.

If you want to hear God’s voice, then one way is to hear what he says in the Bible.

Hear God's Voice in the Bible

Hear God’s Voice in the Bible

Listening to the Bible is a powerful and simple way to hear God speak.

And you don’t need to do it alone.

Listening to the Bible being read aloud in community is a timeless spiritual practice. People from Jesus to Moses built it into their lives. It invites us to pause, tune out distractions, and humbly hear God’s voice.

Want to join a virtual group that listens to the Bible together?

Hear God’s Voice Together

If you’re interested in hearing God speak through the Bible, we’d like to welcome you into our community. There are groups of us who gather every week, and we simply listen to the Bible so that we can hear God’s voice.